2015 - Miami, FL, USA


Miami, FL, USA

CLIENT Friends of the Underline / STATUS 2nd Stage Finalist 2015 / DESIGN TEAM Balmori Associates, Interboro, NADAA, Cure&Penabad, R&R Studios, Mobility in Chain, Bruce Mau Design, Transsolar, HR&A, Lisa Hammer, Geomantic Design, David Plummer & Associates

IMAGINE A THICK TROPICAL GREEN LINE creating a shady arbor snaking its way through Miami city rising up to the Metro station in parts, sinking to canal level in others, weaving its path around and under the Metro line.

IMAGINE ITS CHANGING CHARACTER, as it crosses differentcommunities, bringing in their best feature and adding a vision of the future common to the whole, an artistic interpretationof Miami as city of the future

IMAGINE PUTTING FORTH ITS VISIONARY PAST, a city only a hundred years old, creating artificial islands off its coast when nobody had thought of them. Christo/Jeanne-Claude wrapping them in fuchsia to call attention to them. Inventing a tropical landscape with Asian trees and producingan extraordinary section of the city with them.

IMAGINE THIS LINE BECOMING PART OF THE EVERGLADES AT ONE END AND PART OF CALLE OCHO AND BRICKELL AT THE OTHER, AND CONNECTING TWO   NATIONAL PARKS.  A thick green line, a thin green line,a meandering green line, a straight green line picking up the strong COLORof Miami, itsARTistic side (Christo, Art Basel, Perez Museum, Design District.....) its   OUTDOORNESS, the INVENTIVENESS of its tropical landscapeand its NEWNESS as a city.

IMAGINE THIS NEWNESS TAKING HOLD OF MOBILITY IN A NEW MANNER, making a unit of metro, bikeway, pedestrian way and Dixie Highway through a system of the latest technology which sensors the movement of each and coordinates all their movements. And integrating health stations along the way that deal with highway pollution.

This is the city of the future. This is Miami.