With Hyperambulation BAL/LAB and Dr. Novella envision paths that are for rehabilitation as well as simply for the pleasure of walking. The paths can incorporate challenging topography to help restore a patients’ balance and timing; to correct gait or sequencing in running; and to improve strength and range of motion after a hip replacement, a back, knee, or ankle surgery or sprain.

Some paths maximize strength of specific muscle groups, such as ankles, calves, hamstrings and quads, or improve balance and flexibility. These paths are for healthy persons who wish to improve their potential speed, agility, or balance. These paths can be grouped, and then designated to improve performance of athletes such as racket sports players, football players, basketball players, runners, dancers, etc., or designated to improve strength and flexibility and balance.

These paths are designed as the basis for a landscape taking maximum advantage of the aesthetics of the local environment. Such a project can stimulate body and mind, and has universal appeal.  These paths can be incorporated into the existing grounds of parks or other public spaces, people’s backyards, in health spas, or hospital grounds. They can also serve as features to attract the public to sites developed as places of scenic beauty like national parks.