Lola Mora (1866-1936) was the first Argentinian and South American sculptor. She is author of innumerable monuments across Argentina and the world. The Centro Lola Mora in Jujuy, Argentina will be composed of a museum dedicated to the work of the artist, a convention center and administrative offices. The 15 hectare landscaped site, which will include a sculpture park, and exterior amphitheater, gardens and parking sits on the bank of the Rio Grande and encompasses some of its riparian buffer.

An impressive group of Lola Mora’s sculptures originally at The Palace of the Argentine National Congress building when inaugurated in 1906 were removed some 15 years later under the pretext that they showed half-naked bodies. The artist donated them to Jujuy. And now after almost a century of being out in the open, the pieces began to show signs of deterioration, which inspired the creation of a museum dedicated to the work of Lola Mora.

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