Bilbao is celebrating 25 Years of Urban Regeneration

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Balmori Associates reconnected the city to the river with Abandoibarra master plan, Campa de los Ingleses Park, and Plaza Euskadi. An idea that became a reality in 2012, creating a greener and more walkable city where the public space became the connecting link and icon in the urban fabric  of  the city of Bilbao.



Join us on November 16 at the Library of Congress as Noemie Lafaurie-Debany speaks about our archives at Yale University Library.

Moderated by Ann Whiteside, Librarian/Assistant Dean for Information Services, Loeb Library, Harvard Graduate School of Design with Noémie Lafaurie-Debany, Balmori Associates, Tomas Hernandez, Alexander Gorlin Architects and Mark Rylander, Mark Rylander Architect.

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From the archives: The Winter Garden

Winter Garden 1_image only.jpg

Image and text from the exhibition at the World Financial Center, An Installation of the Cycles of Landscape, February 21-March 5, 1989

"This is not a flower show. This installation explores landscape and nature in its various stages of development, presenting the dynamic process of change, rather than displaying plantlife at its peak, as the typical flower show does. Cycles of fading, wilting and dying are as integral to the design of a landscape as are budding, flowering and growing. The show visualizes beginnings and ends, perspectives of time, cycles of life and death that give measure to our world."

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"We placed the city in nature, not the other way around."

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"New York-based architects Balmori often use unique means for their experimental projects. Their floating islands, green sculptures, and plenty of other intriguing surprises change up the cityscape and redefine urban planning."

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