Tra Fiume e Città

In the many projects described in this book, the fruit of the work over the last ten years, is the line between the river (nature) and city (culture) to receive all the attention. Interconnection, heterogeneity, dissolution of geographical boundaries are some principles to design and to test alternative ways to those of the past. But, more importantly, the interaction between people and the river must be of mutual respect to reconnect to an important element of its assets geographically and the rivers, once fundamental to identify the location of a city that have been forgotten, isolated, cut off and reduced to means of transportation or urban sewers, compressed into canals and walled or leveled to the point as to have become almost unrecognizable. Now it takes huge efforts to recreate a new connection between them and the city.

Diana Balmori, landscape and urban designer, looks to new ways to break the separation between city and river between the two and create a transition zone dynamic and fluid. 


Le Grande Liberia Online

PUBLISHER: Bollati Boringhieri (May 2009)

PAPERBACK: 204 pages


ISBN-10: 8833920062

ISBN-13: 978-8833920061