Sustainable Architecture White Papers: Essays on Design and Building for a Sustainable Future

A remarkable collection of vibrant and diverse readings, Sustainable Architecture White Papers explores the critical link between our built and natural environments. Cutting-edge architecture, design, planning, public works, and education leaders illustrate the value of a new architectural strategy. Sustainable Architecture teaches us that when creative processes are used in conjunction with social, cultural, and environmental systems, architecture can meet the aesthetic and practical requirements of today without compromising the needs of future generations.

A sample of the contents reveals a top-notch team of forward-thinkers: William McDonough: "Eco-effectiveness: A New Design Strategy" Croxton Collaborative Architects: "Human-Centered Sustainable Design" Architectural Record: "Taking the Elective Out of Environmental Education" Karl Linn: "Reclaiming the Commons" Pliny Fisk: "Advanced Green Building" James Wines: "The Art of Architecture in the Age of Ecology" Emilio Ambasz: "Green Towns"

This beautifully assembled compilation, published by the Earth Pledge Foundation, follows on the success of Sustainable Cuisine White Papers and reflects the organization's mission to promote sustainability, primarily in the areas of architecture and cuisine. Working with architects, builders and designers, and farmers, chefs, and restaurateurs, Earth Pledge creates nonprofit media projects that promote "green living" in these respective areas.

With a preface by Paul Hawken, this is a star-studded collection of essays on sustainable architecture that speaks to professionals and nonprofessionals alike. A perfect read for anyone interested in how the architecture and design aesthetic connects with environmental sustainability.

Earth Pledge identifies and promotes innovative techniques and technologies that restore the balance between human and natural systems. Through demonstration, education, and research, we deliver viable models to government, industry, and communities. The New York region is our laboratory for implementing replicable solutions that will inspire and facilitate a global transition to sustainability.


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