'Everywhere All the Time' at BAM Next Wave Festival


In 2016 Diana Balmori designed 'Forest', the set design for 'Everywhere All the Time', a choreography by Seán Curran Company. The performance is scheduled to premiere this fall at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Next Wave Festival in Brooklyn, NY.

TUC: Tucuman Airport project update

TUC landscape tells a story of the Northwest province of Argentina through trees: from the restoration of the native jungle with the flamboyant Erythrina to the Ceiba alley, and the grove of Jacarandas at the terminals.


A hand painted mural of the gardens designed by Balmori at Godrej Campus in Mumbai, India adorns the walls of Rafael Pelli's office in New York.


Balmori's design for Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial

broadway malls.jpg

For Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial, Balmori proposes a space for meditation, healing and contemplation. Not a sculptural object nor a fixed memorial. But a landscape that is continuously changing as all things in nature do.

Balmori’s design is one of thirteen selected out for 189 designs.

Ahoy! Redwood City, CA

kabakov_devil's rage.jpg

BA to design the landscape for Ilya & Emilia Kabakov's Pirate Ship in Redwood City, CA.

The imaginative art area is adjacent to the Redwood Shores Public Library along the Belmont Slough. The Pirate Ship public art installation will be the first permanent art work of Migrations, an ongoing public art initiative to support art along the San Francisco Bay Trail.


Watercolor by the artist.

pixelated lawn


The freedom lawn grows around the stepping stones installed earlier this spring at New Haven residence.

Grow With The Flow in Pittsburgh


For Riverlife 'to-be-determined' Balmori proposes a temporary installation for Pittsburgh's waterfront: Grow With The Flow .

publication of “Merge the Broadway Malls”

broadway malls.jpg

“Merge the Broadway Malls” article by Noemie Lafaurie-Debany is published in ONWARD, a publication of the Urban Design Forum about Mobility:

“The Broadway Malls could become a significant green corridor, integrating cutting-edge-technology to provide a safe route for pedestrians, cyclists and wildlife”